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A man stops manufacturing testosterone when he becomes thirty. He will noticeably lose energy, have less libido (sex desire), gain more body fat, lose his memory, have inconsistent sleep patterns, and other symptoms.

The term "growing older" was once used to describe it, and there wasn't much you could do to stop it. But because to advances in medicine, doctors can now put testosterone back into your body, which has a number of positive effects including greater energy, higher sexual drive, decreased body fat, decreased cholesterol, better sleep, improved mood, and many more.

Numerous sexual difficulties and effects on a man's general health might result from low testosterone levels. Whether the signs of low testosterone in Lima OH are modest or severe, they won't go away if untreated.

How are men's low testosterone symptoms identified in Lima OH?

Low testosterone levels, which frequently cause a man's low T symptoms, can be found and diagnosed with a straightforward blood test.

Strategies for treating low testosterone

Low testosterone therapy, as well as other hormone therapies and/or replacement, are available as treatments. When Low T affects your sexual health and general vigor, doctors at American Male Medical work with each individual patient to diagnose and treat it.

Schedule a visit with one of our doctors right away if you're displaying any Low T symptoms.


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