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Peyronie's illness in Lima OH may result in an erection that curves as a result of difficulty with how the body heals after an injury (a connective tissue disorder).

When this occurs, the body is unable to appropriately regulate the amount of scar tissue that forms, and too much eventually accumulates. Scar tissue develops as a lump beneath the penis's skin. Peyronie's plaque is the name of this growth.

This sort of plaque cannot grow inside your arteries. You might be able to feel this lump of scar tissue if you feel it around the inside of the bend of your penis.

The erect penis will curve upward if the plaque develops on its top. The erect penis will curve to one side if the plaque develops on that side of the penis.

Why Does Peyronie's Disease Occur in Lima OH?

Although the precise cause of Peyronie's disease is unknown, these may be significant factors:

Damage to the penis in one or more cases: This could happen during sex, an accident, or physical activity. The penis is especially susceptible to unintentional injury during vigorous sex.

Genetics: Men may be more susceptible to developing Peyronie's disease if they have relatives with the illness or other similar disorders. These men may have trouble recovering from injuries due to genetic conditions. These men may have trouble recovering from injuries due to genetic conditions.

Age: Older men are more likely to have erections that are less rigid and more flexible, which could increase their risk of injury.

The Symptoms of Peyronie's Disease Include:

A curved erection, with or without pain: It may be a clue that you have Peyronie's disease if your erection starts to take on a curve that you weren't previously aware of. For the first 12 to 18 months when the curve grows, some men claim to have discomfort in their erection.

A plaque from Peyronie: This penis-related bulge is a result of scar tissue. The top side of the penis is where it is most frequently found. While some men can feel it, others don't.

Annoyed by your erection: Many Peyronie's disease sufferers indicate that their curved erection bothers them and makes it difficult for them to engage in sexual activity.


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